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Server Extrema Server Rack 2U

Extrema Server Rack 2U meets the needs of data centres, remote offices and growing businesses that need to speed up the flow of data and transfer queues.

All the  power of a great server in only 2U

All the power of a great server in only 2U

The Extrema Server Rack 2U provides maximum performance, flexibility and high utilisation of storage resources.
A two-socket Intel system, memory capacity up to 1536 GB DDR4 ECC Registered and a backplane with Hot-Swap feature up to eight hard disk drives.
Two Intel Gigabit network cards ensure greater network bandwidth.
For maximum efficiency, Extrema Server Rack 2U offers, as optional, a further redundant feeder and management module to control the system status.

Modular server

Modular server

The Rack 2U servers by SiComputer bring the ultimate version in terms of modularity, keeping vertical size to a minimum.
It is the ideal solution for virtualization and database management.
The Extrema Server range has been designed by SiComputer to bring real advantages to users, both right upon purchasing it and at any time during the server’s lifetime.
Servers are tested and assembled at SiComputer Italian laboratories by expert and qualified staff in order to make them operative and safe.


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