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Server Extrema Server S100

Extrema Server S100 is the ideal solution for small- and medium-sized companies: high performance at a competitive price.

The right server to begin

The right server to begin

An ideal server for small and medium-sized enterprises: high performance at a competitive price. From SiComputer's experience in the field, the best guarantee for a server installation simple, expandable and custom-made.
Extrema Server S100 supports up to 4 HDD SATA in RAID configuration.
The ECC DDR3 memories ensure safety and reliability.
The dual Intel Gigabit network card ensures greater network bandwidth.

Low price, maximum power

Low price, maximum power

Low power consumption and extremely low noise make this cabinet functional and compact, suitable to be used in any work environment.
The Extrema Server range has been designed by SiComputer to bring real advantages to users, both right upon purchasing it and at any time during the server’s lifetime.
Servers are tested and assembled at SiComputer Italian laboratories by expert and qualified staff in order to make them operative and safe.


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