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Small Form Factor / Mini Tower Productiva XS

Compact in design, Productiva XS can be positioned as you want, vertically or horizontally; highly energy efficient thanks to the technology applied.

Your work tool

Your work tool

Productiva XS is a small desktop, only 5 litres, dedicated to all companies that need a reliable, versatile, quiet and powerful work tool.
Its compactness makes it perfect to be placed on the desk both in horizontal and in vertical way, adapting itself to your needs and your work space.
Thanks to particular integrated technologies, Productiva XS reduces the energy consumption up to 70% compared to standard PCs.

High performance

High performance

Productiva XS is particularly fast when starting up and it can be also configured with SSD disks, which make it an ideal tool for companies that need a fast and quiet computer.
With a standard 36-months on-center warranty, that can be extended up to 36 months on-site, Productiva K200 adapts itself easily to the scalability rhythms  to meet today and tomorrow needs.

Energy Star

Energy Star

Energy Star is an elective program, born in 1992, to promote the energy efficiency of products.
We are constantly committed  to test our line in order to achieve this important certification.
Currently we have already obtained it on many products.
Productiva XS is Energy Star 6.1 qualified.
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