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To help you find the most suitable product for you through our wide range of devices, we present you our solutions depending on your needs.

Home and free time

If you’re looking for a quality PC to use in your free time, you’re in the right place. We can offer you a huge amount of solutions to come along with you and your passions: films, music, games and videos.You’ll get the best quality, assured by top tier specs. Furthermore choosing a SiComputer product you’ll support made in Italy.

Some products you be interested in:

Shops and Food services

Solutions designed to manage your business workflow, small PCs capable of standard desktop performances. In this section you can find:energy efficient and small sized Mini-PCs, POS to smoothly workout all your check-out jobs and in the end our All in One, with a unique and elegant design,customizable depending on your desktop layout, perfect for those who work in close contact with customers. To crow our lineup we offer our exclusive Digital Signage products, such as Totem and digital Kiosk, to give it an edge over the competition.

Find out all out range of products for Shops and Food services:

Office and freelance

All the power and mobility you need, to smartly accomplish your daily tasks. Take advantage of our reliability and performance mix to deal with every work. Solution designed to optimize your spaces and to offer you the necessary specs to deal with anything. Customizable according to your most demanding needs.

Here the lines designed for office and freelance:

Small and medium business

Reliable and customizable solutions, to grow up together with your business. Increase your productivity thanks to modern and interconnected technology. You can also add ad hoc services designed to ensure you greater security and blazing fast support.

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Rely on our company to develop at best your organization thanks to our innovative solutions. For your big business we’ve designed products and services to ensure reliability, security and performance. High-tech PCs capable of bearing high productivity rate and able to compute huge amount of data in short times, in centralized ways too. Furthermore you can customize your products, choosing between personalized cases and different hardware configurations.

Something you may be interested in:

Public administration

Flexible and innovative solutions to go towards the modern public administration. Keeping up to modern times is fundamental and for this reason we thought to products able to provide reliability and easy to use. Digitizing your job you’ll offer a more effective and quick service to help people at the best.

Find out all our product arrays for public administration: