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We provide answers to the needs of a wide variety of Companies

Our commitment aims to improve people's lives with our IT solutions.
What drives our Company is providing our customers with the best and most suitable solutions through our continuous and dedicated research. We are inspired by beauty and by true passion for what we do. Our present and our future represent both the goals and the challenges we want to pursue and successfully attain!

The future, is our goal and the passion for what we do, is our strength.

Innovation, Beauty and Reliability

Innovation is an important aspect of our core business, however, so are our founding values. These values taught us and continue to teach us the importance of Beauty, Reliability, Respect for the Environment, Human Relationships and Trust in the Future.

Through these guiding principles we were able to make brave choices and take unusual paths, yet attaining the following objectives:



Our Partners come first.

Unlike our international competitors, we have chosen to continue to work with IT resellers. We think that they have the right preparation to support end users during the presale and postsale process. Indeed, resellers that have chose to introduce Si Computer products in their range have several advantages.

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Paying attention
to what surrounds us
is our concrete commitment.

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