Activia One, the All-in-One bicolor for your small business

There are no limits with Activa One.
Convenient and designed for immediate use, it is suitable for a flexible and for any work style. Equipped with the latest generation core processors. Activa One is also easily expandable according to future scalability and memory needs.

Direct it according to your needs

Sitting or standing makes no difference: whatever approach you have with Activa One will always be correct, favoring optimal viewing. Activa One is the All-in-One 24″ solution perfect for small businesses that have direct contact with the public or for those who have their office at home.

Activa One
Activa One - 2 rotazione

Fluidity of use

The minimal design is extremely ergonomic: the pedestal in fact allows all possible rotations and adjustments even at 90°.

For everyone

Perfect for any environment: the minimal design, enlivened by silver details, is available in black and white with both size (24″ and 27″).

Even from your couch.

Activa One has a smart design, with just one power cable you have everything you need: a frameless, brightly colored IPS Full HD monitor that leaves room for all your projects, an enviable set of video ports, latest generation audio and USB all driven by a board with latest Gen Intel processor.

So comfortable that you can work conveniently, even from your own sofa.

Activa One ti rilassa
Activa One - ambientato

Confidentiality is very important.

Your privacy is important, both at home and at work. In fact, the built-in pop-up webcam hides with a flick of a finger and can as easily reappear.

Work in complete peace of mind , away from prying eyes and use the Pop-Up webcam for meetings, conference calls, or calls with family and friends.

All included and always available

Activa One is highly performing thanks to the latest Gen. of Intel processors.
All in one, has no shortage: expandability and high-level standard equipment such as technologically advanced USB, even type C, card reader, extended connectivity (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth) and the practical Webcam HD Pop-Up that is activated with a touch!

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