Versatility reaches a new dimension

A silent and versatile assistant, even if you don’t see it, it’s always in its place. Move it wherever you wont and dive into the world of mini PCs!

SiComputer - Activa Zepto
SiComputer - Activa Zepto

Big performances, small size

Explore a new era of versatility with the Activa Zepto, the mini-PC and enhances work and home experience. A silent and versatile device, with the latest generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, designed to adapt to any space with outstanding performance in any condition.

Activa Zepto ambientato

Activa Zepto: silent power, extraordinary performance

Its multiple connection possibilities are the bridge to fast and effortless connectivity, making every connection a step towards efficiency.

Its surprising adaptability makes it ideal for any environment, from the desk to the home office, bringing flexibility to the heart of daily productivity.

With Zepto, it’s not just about innovation, it’s about practical solutions that enhance every aspect of digital work.

In your silence increase my proficency

SiComputer - Activa Zepto

Discover the practical side of innovation with the Activa Zepto, where silent power combines with extraordinary performance, ready to transform your working routine.

Processori Intel Core di ultima generazione

An endless space

Uno spazio senza fine
SiComputer - Activa Zepto fronte
SiComputer - Activa Zepto retro

As a master of adaptability, the Activa Zepto is tinged with flexibility, offering cutting-edge solutions. USB Type-C ports with Display Port function are the key to opening up a world without borders, enabling quick and efficient connections to docking stations, external monitors, displays and projectors.

Always connected, always at maximum speed with any device.

WiFi 6 - ico

WiFi 6

Not only faster but also more stable in case of many simultaneous connections

Bluetooth 5.2 ico

Bluetooth 5.2

Transfer documents with nearby devices or connect accessories or peripherals without having to worry about connection cables

USB Type C - Ico

USB Type C

Two broadband ports that allow you to transfer data, stream video and connect other peripherals

Technical features

Activa Zepto small only in size

Activa Zepto - caratteristiche tecniche
Activa Zepto - icone caratteristiche tecniche

12th generation Intel Core processor, ultra-fast SSDs and the possibility of having up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM

Technical features



Intel Core last generation

starting from 120 GB


Standard memory

Maximum Memory

64 GB DDR-4

Scheda di rete - icona

Network card


Scheda video

Graphic card

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