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Aron, the Gaming Division of SiComputer S.p.A, offers you to become part of Aron Point project.

The project consists in the development of a network of authorized dealers based all around Italy, defined by dedicated corners, where players can feel the quality of our gaming products and asks for custom Configurations.

“Alone you can go fast together you can go far” Is our core value

As a support for our partners we offer two types of tools, called: “Digital Assets” and “Store Assets“.

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Aron Point - Digital Asset

Digital Assets

Digital assets are support for the retailer digitalization. A mix of formative contents consisting of newsletters, webinars and in-depth videos, combined with a promotional part and a configurator.

Aron Point - Store Asset

Store Assets

Store Assets are physical marketing tools aimed at attracting the gamer within the store and showing him the product through a dedicated corner.

Digital Assets


Strumenti digitali

  • Configurator
  • Newsletter
  • Webinar
  • Maps locator

Store Assets


Digital and material tools

  • In addition to Digital Assets
  • Aron led design
  • Drop Display with weight
  • Showcase material
  • Carton pouf
  • Aron custom case
  • Roll up
  • Desk Flyer holder
  • Aron Flyer
  • * One-time, if you buy 1 PC
  • * Free, if you buy 5 PC’s

Find out how to become an Aron Point

Aron - PC da gaming ed Espot

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