Explora Totem

Totem Explora: subtle and discreet seduction.

Explora Totem is multimedia and interactive communication. The elegant and minimal design and wide possibility of customization makes Explora Totem perfect to be integrated in any environment and background.

Reinforced steel chassis, methacrylate cover, perforated steel panel coupled with TNT and jacquard cotton tape. We have chosen only the highest quality for a product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

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Total customization

Frame is unique, without visible screws; shell is translucent, interchangeable and customizable also for color and design, all embellished with a tubular ribbon with a jacquard weave that frames it as a continuous signature; a style detail of Italian excellence.

Technical Features

The best technology is the one that cannot be seen: every Explora product is made of experience and reliability of an IT leader like Si Computer: best processors and connectivity systems, most reliable screens, construction, assembly and long hours of testing in Lugo, Ravenna, where are located our headquarters.