Superiority Complex

Extrema Workstation now with a new attractive and extremely professional design. The essential case contains a researched dissipation system, capable of supporting the latest processors.

Stepping into digital future: Extrema Workstation supports extreme situations such as hyper-realistic applications of CAD, CAE, photos, videos, modeling, rendering and AI as well as research.

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The computer case changes size.

Now more minimalist and modern, it contains advanced solutions for a perfect and functional internal organization.

Updated to the latest technologies, Extrema includes a liquid dissipation system that can support the load of the powerful and latest generation of Intel processors featuring 2 slots to accomodate up to 2 Nvidia graphic cards.


Make your way to a new reality

Extrema Workstation is the solution for those who do not accept compromises and need to work with high-level modeling and rendering applications.

Any application is possible: thanks to the flexibility of the components, Extrema is suitable for any job, regardless of the industry sector ( whether related to creativity, animation and video production or related to the manufacturing and automotive industry, or healthcare and science, study and research, etc.).


Extrema: unlimited possibilities

With such a powerful workstation you need proper support: activate Cloud Safe services to back up data, monitor and connect remotely, manage a centralized antivirus system and much more.

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Never underestimate a minimalist design

Now, Extrema is even more powerful! The new minimalist case conceals in its interior the ideal ventilation system, suitable to support the most advanced processors, with sound-absorbing panels in the bulkheads perfected to reduce disturbance during the most intense activities, and the essential easily accessible ports (conveniently placed on top of the workstation).

The scalable workstation that does not feel entry-level

Intel© Core™ processors, as well as the latest generation of memory combined with SSDs, and with NVMe technology, provide high performance and stability for high-intensity workloads