Privacy Policy

PRIVACY & COOKIE POLICY according to the art. 13 Reg. UE n. 679/2016

This information (or “privacy policy”) are given in compliance with current legislation about personal data protection, particularly, according to the EU regulation 2016/679 and about processing of users personal data who access to (called “website” below).

This Privacy Policy aims to describe simply and transparently to users that their personal data will be treated, for which purpose, from who and in which way, to inform them about the applied measures for their rights and freedom.

Therefore this Privacy Policy is applied at this website only and it won’t be effective for any other website linked by users.


1. Owner of data processing

The owner of data processing is SiComputer S.P.A., VAT number and fiscal Code 01250880398 Registered Office Via della Dogana, 8/2 48022 Lugo (RA) Italia; e-mail:; PEC; telephone: 054533355.

2. Purposes of the processing

1. Entering and consulting this website, and its services, they could gather information and treat this information related to users as identified or identifiable (interested) physical persons. If personal data are thus acquired, the same, in compliance with current legislation, will be processed solely to pursue the following purposes:

a) To allow access and use of the website, the function and the requested services by the user;

b) in a completely anonymous and aggregate form, for statistical purposes;

c) for the owner internal operative and management necessities about offered services through the website;

d) to fulfill obligations eventually required by law and European legislation;

e) for the creation of a personal account and for using the related functions;

f) for job applications to open positions offered by the company;

g) to activate a conventional SiComputer warranty certificate;

h) to activate Newsletter service.

2. The data collected for purposes indicated in the previous point could be used also for other purposes, but for other eventual and further processing will be requested to users a free and explicit consensual request.

3. Provision of personal data and legal basis of the processing

1. Personal data provision is optional. Whenever the requested data will be essential to provide a service or to fulfill a legal or contractual obligation, an eventual deny could not allow the execution of requested services; as far as possible, anyway it will be given to the user the faculty to consult the website without giving any personal information, even if this hypothesis, some website function or characteristic could be disabled. When this legal basis of the processing is the User consent, informed, free and optional, in case of refusal the activities won’t be done without any further consequences and, particularly, the user could anyway use the website and the services for the other indicated purposes.

2. Particularly for the purposes of which art. 2, points:

- a) - b) – c); the legal basis of processing for these purposes is to legitimate owner interest for the correct operativity of the website and for the services improvement offered by website;

- d); the legal basis of processing is for these purposes is the regulatory provision that places obligation on the Owner;

- e) – f) – g): the legal basis of the processing is for these purposes is for the self execution of the services required by the user;

- h); the legal basis of the processing is for these purposes released when expressly ask to service subscribe.

4. Types of data processed

Based on the kind of the given service, could be processed different type personal data, like specified in this article.

a) Navigation data

During normal practice, the Informatic Systems and the software procedures in charge for the operativity of this website will acquire some personal data that transmission is implied to navigation.

These infos could anyway permit the identification of the user by elaboration and association with data held by third parties, even if these info aren’t collected to be crossed with the data of identified interested parties.

They are included among them:

- the IP address or the domain name of the computer used by the user who connects to the website and the URL address of requested resources;

- the time of submission of the request;

- the method use to submit the request to the server;

- the dimension of the obtained output file;

- the numeric code show the status of the servers answers;

- the parameter related to the operative system and the platform used by users.

These data are used only to get anonyme statistic infos on website use, to control the correct operation and they will be deleted immediately after elaboration.

In case of computer crimes against this website, collected data could be used ascertaining any criminal liability: excluded this possibility, the data related web address won’t persist for more than 7 days.

b) Communication and request of generic support

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of communication by contact forms or e-mail on this website, involves the subsequent acquisition of the data written by the user, including e-mail address, and the consent to receive any response messages to the requests for assistance.

The personal data provided in this way are used only to satisfy or respond to transmitted requests and they are communicated to third parties only if really necessary.

c) Access and registration to “how to be resellers” area

SiComputer collects and deals infors that could be the user registration one to this website by fill out the form on the address to access a special program, to allow the registered user to access at specific areas specially dedicated to him/her, like his account profile or online offered services requested by the user, like in case of initiatives that can be participated in through the website. This personal data will be treated and collected for those purposes activated by user request. This data can be also used for accounting, administrative, declarative, financial and credit management purposes by Owner.

d) Use of Warranty Services

For the user that purchased SiComputer products or services, directly and/or by authorized resellers, SiComputer provides the possibility to activate, use and manage some of warranty services directly on the website, prior personal account registration. in the special form on the website, in dedicated pages to “ warranty services”, is required to the user the mandatory provision of some data, essential to the provision of the related service. This personal data will be used exclusively for warranty service aim conventional provided by SiComputer and, anyway, related to contractual obligations as they are. Fill out the form published on the website could be requested to to the interested part also other personal data, not essential for the execution of the contractual relationship (e.g. the indication of sex or profession performed/ role held), whose conferment by the user is always optional and without this it could be anyway give the full chance to use warranty service offered by SiComputer. These additional data, so far as given voluntarily by user, will be used by owner in order to improve services provided and proposals presented to customers.

e) Applications regarding open job positions at SiComputer

Each interested party could give voluntarily their personal data to SiComputer in order to submit your application for open job positions, sending communication by e-mail and so authorizing Owner to process their personal data for the aforementioned purpose.

The conferment of the data is required only for the presentation of the own application and so therefore it is left to the will of the individual candidate the sending their own CV and any refusal will make it impossible to use the service, without further consequences.

The consent to the treatment is not necessary, under art. 111-bis of D.lgs. n. 196/2003 (c.d. Privacy code, like modified by D.lgs. n. 101/2018) and to dell’art. 9, comma 2, lettera b) to GDPR, when the data processing is about CV personal data spontaneously transmitted by candidates for the purpose of establishing the employment / collaboration / relationship, even if the data is included in the particular categories provided by GDPR art. 9 (e.g. in the event that data in question must be known due to the establishment of an employment relationship, with particular reference to the candidate's possible belonging to protected categories or the need to carry out pre-employment medical examinations). At the moment of the eventual interview, will be given to the interested party all further information on the processing of their personal data.

The cancellation of sending data by the user is done by sending a specific request to the Owner, using the contact details in this Privacy Policy page.

f) Newsletter

The SiComputer newsletter is sent by e-mail to all that are asked for. Authorising SiComputer to process its own personal data to the aforementioned finality.

Consent: The provision of data is mandatory at the only purpose to receive the newsletter and the eventual denial will entail the impossibility to use the service without further consequences.

Purpose: The collected user data will be used only to send newsletters and won’t be given to third parties, except to eventual service providers, expressly appointed by Owner.


The collected data will be treated with IT tools; in order to prevent losts, mistakes or illegal uses or to prevent eventual unauthorized access, so are adopted specific secure measures.

Service unsubscribe: to not receive the newsletter is enough: select the unsubscribe link, written in every e-mail, or send a specific request at the e-mail address

The unsubscription is automatically managed, so maybe further newsletter could be sent for a while after that request cause planned sending was planned before the sending of unsubscribe request, in any case max. 72hours after the unsubscribe request.

5. Methods of data processing

1. The personal data will be treated in a legal way according to law and used exclusively for purposes indicated by art. 2. The data processing will be done using suitable tools to grant the security and confidentiality of personal data, also with tools partly automated to memorize, manage and transmit data. Specific security measures will be adopted to prevent data loss and contain risks of illicit and wrong uses or unauthorized access.

2. The personal data will be preserved for the times prescribed by law and, in any case, for the time strictly necessary to follow up on activities for the one they were collected and/or until the consent given is revoked.

6. Recipients of the collected data

1. The collected personal data may be processed by an internal or external person, expressively learned and in charge by the owner about purpose and modality on data processing.

Moreover, the appointed managers by the owner are data collector recipients following the website consulting. This list could be asked by owner, using the address data as art.1 said (“Data processing Owner”)

7. Rights of interested parties

1. Each interested party has the right to access in every moment, to his own data treated by owner in order to verify its accuracy and the lawfulness of the treatments carried out. Moreover the interest part could ask anytime the correction and updating of incorrect or inaccurate data, the limitation of the data processing and the cancellation of those data (right to be forgotten), even to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data.

2. With reference to personal data processed by an automatic system, the interested person may also receive in a structured and commonly used format and transmit them, eventually to another processing owner (right to data portability).

3. The interested person has also the right to revoke anytime the given consent, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing by the owner before withdrawal, even the possibility to deny at processing of their own data when it’s not use for marketing purpose directly by the owner; in that case, his data won’t used for any purpose, based by a specific previously released consent, by the owner or eventual third parties (opposite right).

4. To exercise your rights, the interested party can send by e-mail to SiComputer Owner, at the address, or with ordinary letter at Si Computer S.p.A., Via della Dogana n. 8/2 - CAP 48022, Lugo (RA).


General info

What are them? Cookies are collected info by the browser when you visit a website with a device (like pc, tablet or smartphone). Every cookie contains different data (e.g the host server name, a numeric identifier ecc..), that could be collected in a data system for the during a session(or until the browser closure) or for a long period and could have an unique identification code.

What are they for?Cookies are used for many purposes depending on their type: some of them are strictly necessary for the the correct functionality of a website (technical cookies), while other optimize the performance to offer a better user experience or allow to acquire usage statistics on the website, like analytics cookies or allow to visualize customized advertising, like profiling cookies.

Consent: the possible provision of user consent could be collected by the owner, of their competence, using a technical cookie.

How to disable them? it’s possible to disable cookies using browser setting (see part. 3 “how to disable cookies”) using mechanisms available from third parties.

1. Types of cookies used on the website

Technical cookies (first party): are essential for the correct operation, the display of the website and the storage of user consent for cookie usage.

Technical cookies (third party): are essential for the correct operation and the display of the website, to show the user authentication and to manage the payment services.

Analytics cookies (third party): are used to aggregate analysis of website visits, using a third party service.

Profiling cookies (third party): are used to create a user profile and can be used to send advertising messages or newsletter by user’s preferences thanks to recorded info during website usage, on a third party service.

2. Website cookie

First party cookies: are used exclusively technical cookies for the purpose of storage user’s consent for cookie usage (period: 12 months) and user session data (period: 12 months). Third parties cookies: in this website are used third parties cookies listed below together with the links to the respective privacy policy page (useful for their possible disabling):

Technical cookies:

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Profiling cookies :

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For the following cookies for sharing using social network here the link to their pages (every cookies is related to their own)

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3. How to disable cookies?

Browser check: the commonly used browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) accept cookies as default settings, but this setting could be edited by user anytime. This is could be done for PC and for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones: is a general and common supported function.

Therefore, cookies could be easily disabled getting access to settings or preferences in your browser and generally could be blocked only for third parties cookies; in general, these options affect exclusively that browser and that specific device, only if there aren’t any option settings to unify preferences on different devices. The specific instruction could be found on the help or setting page of the browser. Disabling the technical cookies, could affect anyway on the full or partial functioning of all websites, including this website.

Normally, the nowadays browser:

- offer the option “Do not track”, that is supported by some website (but not to all). In that way, some website could not collect that navigation data;

- offer the option of anonymous or unknown navigation, but the navigation data will be anyway accessible by the owner of visited website;

- consent to delete the stored cookies completely or partially, but in a new visit of a website could be normally installed when this chance couldn’t be blocked.

Here the link of support page of common browser (with instruction on how disable cookies on there browser):

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Third party cookies: these cookies can be disabled as described above or referring to each third party (following the link written in the previous paragraph).

Online tools: it is noted that from the website is possible get info about cookies, but also verify installation of all the cookies on your own browser/device, and where it’s supported you can disable them.