All the advantages of an All-In-One, but with a life cycle similar to desktop computers

Productiva One - Il computer modulare

The exclusive modular structure of the Productiva One, allows the upgrade of each single component.

Productiva One is available in 24” and 27” screen formats.

Replacing the monitor or upgrading the Pod PC while keeping all the other elements, is now possible, immediate and economical. Productiva One solves the problems of early obsolescence, typical of classic All-in-One.

Productiva One, changes the rules of the game.

Productiva One, perfect in any environment

Design and efficiency

All-in-One is designed for versatile and comfortable workstations.

The IPS screen, the Low Blue Light technology, the latest generation Intel Core processors, as well as the height and tilt angle adjustment, make the Productiva One ideal for every type of working environment.

The only modular All-In-One in the world

Productiva One - L'unico All-In-One modulare

Longer life cycle and fewer wires

The Pod computer is the absolute novelty. A powerful, completely autonomous computer with 12th generation Intel Core processors which, thanks to the dedicated connector, allow a perfect integration with the other components and thus, avoiding the use of cables.

Productiva One includes all the advantages of a desktop PC and of the All-in-One

The connectivity wizard: connect to any device or peripheral

Always connected, always at maximum speed with any device.

Productiva One - WiFi 6

WiFi 6

Not only it is faster, but  it is also more stable, handling efficiently simultaneous connections.

Productiva One - Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5.2

Transfer documents to nearby devices or connect accessories or peripherals without having to worry about connection cables

Productiva One - USB Type-C

USB Type-C

A broadband (USB Type-C) port that allows you to simultaneously: transfer data, transmit videos and connect other peripherals

Privacy First

Productiva One - Privacy first

When closing the camera, the microphones are automatically deactivated

The Productiva One is designed to ensure maximum confidentiality.

Closing the “pop up” camera deactivates the built-in microphones thus, ensuring absolute privacy protection.

High comfort of use, working will be more enjoyable

Productiva One - Caratteristiche del monitor

24″ or 27″ monitor

Take on work with a smile, a monitor designed for long sessions of work or study.

The IPS* FullHD display with Low Blue Light technology does not tire the eyes even during long sessions of use. The images are sharp and the colors are brilliant. Zero Pixel Dead to ensure maximum reliability.

Productiva One, conveys clear images, faithful color and smooth animations

*An IPS panel (In-Plane Switching) is a type of TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD also called an “active matrix” LCD. IPS monitors provide very wide viewing angles and high-quality color reproduction by making pixels parallel instead of perpendicular. A better viewing angle and better color management ensure a better user experience.

Creative professionals benefit from using an IPS display because the color gamut is wider and the viewing angles wider. This allows for greater aesthetic precision and consequently excellent quality.

Pivot pedestal

Ergonomic workstations that adapt to your specific needs

The elegant pedestal of the Productiva One allows you to adjust the height and inclination of the monitor offering maximum viewing comfort, in any context usage!

90° monitor rotation* improves productivity

*To use the monitor in the portrait position (vertical) you need to set the screen orientation to “Portrait” mode. On both Windows 10 and Windows 11 it will be sufficient to right-click on the desktop and select the “display settings” item. Now all that remains is to scroll down to the “Screen orientation” section and use the drop-down menu to select the “Vertical” setting.

Technical characteristics

Productiva One - Caratteristiche tecniche
Productiva One - Technical

Powerful 12th generation Intel Core processors, ultra-fast SSDs and the possibility of having up to 64 GB of Ram. Webcam (5 MP) and built-in microphones that can be deactivated to protect privacy.

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