Activa Work

The treasure chest of possibilities

Activa Work is the treasure chest of infinite possibilities: power and flexibility to work, have fun, study and plan the future without any limitation.

Activa Work is perfect for working and for having fun, surfing the internet, Facebook, Twitter, shopping on your favorite e-commerce websites, studying and listening to music. It is also the right answer for companies looking for the best ratio between performance and price.

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The minimal and reliable design makes it fit perfectly in any workplace , in your home or in your shop.

It has a 24-month basic guarantee on-center, extendable up to 36 months on-site. Activa Work adapts easily to scalability rhythms to allow you to achieve all your needs.

Activa Micro has earned Energy Star certification, adhering to the DNSH (Do Not Significantly Harm) principle of the PNRR. The RRF device, a key component of the Next Generation EU initiative, is designed to back measures that align with the Paris Agreement, the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives, and the European Green Deal.

Maximum power

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The best value for money
for companies and individuals

Thanks to its standard and lastest generation components, Activa Work is easily expandable andconfigurable to meet your today and tomorrow needs. The Intel © Core ™ processors and DDR4 memories offers power and speed, while the screwless opening facilitates access to the intelligent internal architecture designed for HHD hard drives or ultra-fast SSDs.


Last gen. Intel processors

HDD SATA 3 2.5"
from 500GB up to 4TB

SSD SATA 3 2.5"
from 120GB up to 1TB

Standard memory
4 GB DDR-4 Dual Channel

Max. memory
32 GB DDR-4 Dual Channel

Network Card

Video Card


Energy Consumption

    • 15/65 W Idle/Max40%

    Total Performances

      • 2283,7 Index80%

      Perc. Environmental Noise

        • less than 30 dB30%

        Occupied space

          • 28,7 Liters28%