Get ahead of the game with the advanced modularity of Extrema Server

The Extrema Server Racks 1U take modularity to the “extreme”, reducing vertical dimensions to a minimum. They are ideal for architectures with a high number of servers in the same 19″ rack.

They allow for a flexible and scalable configuration, ideal for growing with business needs without requiring new hardware or replacing the entire system.

High and reliable performance

Extrema Server Rack 1U - prospettiva fronte top

The processors from the Intel Xeon E-2300 family, support up to 128 GB of DDR-4 ECC/NON ECC memory, with a standard memory of 8 GB DDR-4 ECC that can be expanded up to 612 GB. The SSD SATA Enterprise and HDD SATA storage (starting from 1 TB) with Hot-Swap functionality ensure high performance and reliability.

Essential features to handle complex workloads and basic enterprise applications.

A server created by SiComputer makes the difference

Check and test

Verifiche e test

Checks and tests Testing and assembly are carried out in SiComputer’s Italian laboratories by expert and qualified personnel, guaranteeing maximum reliability and functionality of each Extrema Server.

Operating system

Sistema operativo originale

The installation of Microsoft Windows Server is always updated to the latest version of updates and patches, therefore the server is protected, safe and immediately ready for use.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V

The Microsoft Hyper-V* installation process designed by SiComputer makes two ready-to-use Virtual Machines immediately available.

In SiComputer’s Extrema Rack 1U servers, each component of the server is carefully chosen and positioned to optimize overall performance.

Modularity, dimensions and weight

Extrema Server Rack 1U - Weight and dimension

A server with compact dimensions and a weight starting from 14 kg which facilitate installation in limited spaces, optimizing the use of the rack cabinet.

Technical features

Extrema Server rack 1U - technical features EN

Intel Xeon E

from 1 TB up to 12 TB

SSD SATA Enterprise
from 480 GB

Standard memory


Max. memory
128 GB DDR-4 ECC

Network Card
n.2 card Gigabit

Remote management
n.1 module

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