Extrema Workstation W300

A superior dimension

Extrema Workstation W300 is ideal for high-level design, intensive computing and more complex 2D and 3D graphics applications (CAD, MCAD and DCC).

Extrema Workstation W300 is designed for those who work at a high level, with intensive calculation software, 2D and 3D modeling and renderers. Reliable and suitable for the daily stress of professionals, the W300 integrates the best processors and components of the latest generation.

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Minimal and clean design. Each solution is designed to offer the best performance. The side panels are accessible without screwdrivers while the air flow is guided to better ventilate the processor and the video card.

The 36-month on-center warranty (extendable to 36 months on-site) is the seal of a reliable project in every aspect.

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Face any application

The Workstation W300 provides exceptional graphics performance, suitable for facing even the most critical tasks.

It is the ideal solution for growing companies

Extrema Workstation W300 is equipped with Intel Core X Series processors, DDR4 memory capacity up to 128 GB and the possibility of mounting SATA 3 and SSD disks. Extrema Workstation W300 allows you to choose from multiple latest generation video cards to satisfy even the needs of the most demanding users.


Intel Core X Series



Standard memory
8 GB DDR-4
Quad Channel

Max. memory
128 GB DDR-4
Quad Channel

Network Card

Video Card
Nvidia (obligatory)


Energy Consumption

    • 5/10 W Idle/Max50%

    Total Performances

      • 3517,3 Index70%

      Perc. Environmental Noise

        • less than 30 dB50%

        Occupied space

          • 27,5 Liters70%