Productiva K200

The partner you can count on

Productiva K200 is your company’s perfect workmate.

Used by thousands of workers daily, it guarantees maximum productivity thanks to the latest generation processors.

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Power, expandability and reliability are the main features of Productiva K200. Indeed, its memory can be increased up to 64GB. Iconic design with minimal lines, it is always able innovative.

Configurations designed to meet the needs of the business world, including the warranty.

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A concentrate of productivity

Discover the Productiva K200 potential, your trusted partner in your daily work.

Always reliable, scalable today and tomorrow

Ity has a 36-month on-center basic warranty, extendable up to 36 months on-site. Productiva K200 adapts quickly to scalability for you today and tomorrow needs.


Last gen. Intel processors

HDD SATA 3 2.5"
From 500gb up to 4TB

SSD SATA 3 2.5”
From 120GB up to 1TB

Standard memory
4 GB DDR-4

Max. memory
64 GB DDR-4

Network Card

Video Card

Energy Saving

Energy Consumption

    • 18/75 W Idle/Max75%

    Total Performances

      • 2960,4 Index100%

      Ambient Noise %

        • less than 30 dB75%

        Volume Occupied

          • 25,3 Liters75%