Big, very big, great indeed.

Avaiable in three different sizes: 65”, 75” e 86”

An interactive digital board that allows you to write and draw freehand, view reports, play multimedia content and browsing. Scena NT is a stand-alone device, expandable by integrating an OPS computer.

Scena NT - 2024

Always useful

Every meeting room should be equipped with a Scena NT Digital Board.

Scena NT are stand alone and ready-to-use with Android OS, but you can switch to Windows OS by inserting an OPS module (optional). You can connect any device, both wired and wireless.

An infrared touch digital board with the sensibility of a capacitive screen

Wide and bright 4K display

Thanks to the 4K resolution display, images are sharp. The anti-reflective treatment and the Low Blue Light Mode technology, with 2 levels of blue light filter, will protect your eyes from long sessions of use.

Vivid, natural colors and smooth animations will make your presentations engaging and effective.

Scena NT - Ampio e luminoso display

A large screen, ideal for sharing

Connect up to 4 devices at the same time in wireless mode, it does’t matter which OS they’re running.

The E-Share app (inclueded) allows you to get remote control of Scena NT, in case a direction is needed.

Connecting any device or peripheral is child’s play

On the front there are a USB Type-C input, one HDMI, two USB ports and a Touch-USB that allows you to control connected devices via Scena Nt’s touch screen.

The side equipment is particularly rich, in addition to the pocket designed to accommodate the OPS (optional), there are two LAN ports, two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0, two HDMI and a DisplayPort capable of providing a scalable digital video interface with High Definition Audio and Content Protection (HDCP) features.

Scena NT 65

Scena NT - 2024


Scena NT 75

Scena NT - 2024


Scena NT 86

Scena NT - 2024