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It’s an important decision, you will spend a lot of time with him. It will be the partner of many adventures and will have to help you bring out your talent or that of your students

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Your device will be the partner and witness of your future

SiComputer il partner per gli insegnanti

Transferring your knowledge is the first step to a better world

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The right tools are a fundamental part of the teaching process

Intel Edu Challenge – the tools to face the challenges of the future!

In 2020 we have seen Italian schools adapt to many changes, often sudden: new spaces, new skills and new relational dynamics to enable innovative teaching.

These were also the main themes of Intel Edu Challenge , the Intel event dedicated to educational challenges of the future!

After the experimentation of the past months, schools are now grappling with coexistence with technology . We are with Intel by their side to help them find the right tool for each student’s needs.

Discover the Intel devices that best suit your needs 

Are you an IT reseller?

The educational world is a market with over 10 million potential customers including students, teachers as well as thousands of institutions that can increase your business.

We believe that technology and ecology must work in synergy to make the world a better place

Since 2012 we have embarked on a path to progressively reduce plastic materials in packaging, produce energy from renewable sources, reduce the consumption of our devices.

For each product sold, SiComputer pays ERION Consortium , a contribution for the collection and disposal of our products at the end of their life.

The waranty that makes the difference

24 months warranty, extendable to 36 months. We are with you at all times

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