A mini PC, integrated into the display

SiComputer - Embedded OPS

Embedded OPS was born to be integrated nelle digital board e nel digital signage


The OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) system guarantees high performance, easy connectivity and maximum flexibility.

Digital signage

SiComputer - Inserimento nell'apposita tasca dell'Embedded OPSì

A system designed and created specifically to satisfy the digital signage market in all its fragments and to simplify its installation, use, maintenance and updating.

The SiComputer Embedded OPS solution , thanks to the OPS technology, which integrates the PC inside the display through the appropriate compartment, allows simplified the main functions, with the use of the remote control, also limits the external wiring to a minimum.

The digital board changes face

The Embedded OPS of SiComputer can be integrated with the fantastic digital boards Scene NT transforming them into powerful communication tools.

With 4K resolution, images will be sharp, colors bright and animations smooth. The user experience will be wonderfully engaging and rewarding.

Perfect for meeting rooms of companies, organizations, schools, institutions and operators in the hospitality sector

Easier than that …

Installation is very simple, just insert the OPS in the special pocket of the device and the 80-pin JAE connector makes it operational instantly.

Embedded OPS - infografica per installazione

Great connectivity, small size

Embedded OPS - Retro
Embedded OPS - Dimensioni
Embedded OPS - Fronte

The range of ports for connecting devices and peripherals is particularly rich despite the small size (20×12 cm)

On the back, in addition to the power input (connector from the DC-IN 12-19V display), there is also the housing for a SIM card (not included) which allows you to always and in any case connected.

In the front part starting from the left there are the power button, the microphone and headphone jacks, a USB Type-C port on the right side instead the HDMI port is positioned, two USB 3.1, the LAN input, a USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0, and the reset button

Technical features

Intel di 10° generation

2xSSD M.2
da 120 a 500GB

Memory standard

Maximum memory

Network card
Gigabit with
RJ-45 connector

Graphic card
Intel UHD Graphics
with HDMI output

The guarantee that makes the difference

24 months warranty, extendable up to 36 months. We are with you, at all times

Energy saving

Energy consumption

    • 9/32 W Idle/Max30%

    Overall performance

      • 4000 Index70%

      Perceived ambient noise

        • <30 dB30%


          • 0,7 Litri20%

          Eco-Friendly packaging

          We believe that technology and ecology must work in synergy to make the world a better place, which is why we use recycled cardboard for packaging.